Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's Celebrate Chinese New Year Together!

2006 新 春 佳 节

奧林匹亞區華人會 - 华人基督教会

Olympia Area Chinese Fellowship and Chinese Christian Church

Co-sponsoring 2006 Chinese New Year Celebration

4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Olympia Westwood Baptist Church

(Here is the PDF version of this newsletter if your browser can not display Chinese chracter correctly)

Olympia Area Chinese Fellowship invites you to come and join us in the annual celebration of the Chinese New Year, this year the Year of the Dog. Please put on your favorite outfits for the occasion. Come meet new friends and renew your spirits for a happy and prosperous new year!

奧林比亞區華人會邀请你和你家人与我们共同庆贺新春佳节。请备好美味佳肴,穿上新年盛装, 同我们一起度过一个愉快的除夕!

时间:一月二十八日下午 4:30-9:30。晚餐于五点开始,文娱节目于七点开始.

地点:Westwood Baptist Church 中文学校校址.

Delicious Chinese Foods: Most of the members have signed up for the kind of food and amount of food they will bring to the party. Chinese Fellowship will provide soft drinks and utensils. Dinner starts at 5:00 p.m. in the Family Center in Westwood Baptist Church till 7:00 p.m. If you have not signed up yet, please download this signup sheet, fill it out, and email it to either Bin Zhou or Wendy Seid. Please make sure to bring enough food for your family, with some extra to accommodate our guests.

Live Performances Featuring Traditional Chinese Arts, Music, and Dances (7:00pm-9:00pm). Our students of all ages at the Chinese School and numerous community members will treat you with wonderful performances, including lion dance, Chinese traditional musical instruments, folk arts, and Thai-chi performances.

Win great prizes! There will be numerous great prizes to win throughout the party, including a brand new DVD player and several gift certificates to local restaurants. Make sure to bring extra cash in dollar bills on the day of the party in order to purchase raffle tickets. All raffle ticket sales go toward OACF community fund. Wish you luck in winning some nice prices! OACF Members are encouraged to donate gift items as raffle prizes. Please bring your gift donations to Chinese school no later than Sunday, January 21. Or you can arrange gift pick up by contacting Fu-Shin at 360-866-7312.

Non-member admission: Guests who are 12 years and older and are not a fee-paying member of the Olympia Chinese Area Fellowship (OACF) need to purchase tickets at $10 per person, which will cover dinner and the performances. Children under age 12 are free of charge. Alternatively, non-members can choose to become members paying the annual membership due of $15 per individual or $25 per family and have free admission to this event waived as well as enjoy other year-round member benefits. We do appreciate that you bring your favorite dishes to share with us.

Community News and Announcements

  1. OACF website is now up and running. Please check it out at To receive emails from OACF, simply follow directions on the web site. You are welcome to contact the OACF board using the contact informaiton on the web site. You can also post your comments on the web site.

  2. Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration at the Evergreen State College , Friday and Saturday, Feb.3 – 4 at Evergreen Longhouse.

    • Tai Ji Workshop 太极短训班 : Friday: 10am-12pm and 2-5pm ($40 general admission, $30 students and seniors)

    • Liberal Arts Forum on Celebrations: Saturday 9am-10:30 (free)

    • China Sacred Traditions and Poetry of Transformation Workshop: Saturday 10:30am -12pm (free)

    • Lunar Year Concert: Saturday 2pm-3:30 ($10 general admission, $7 students)

  3. 優質少年-快樂做父母講座系列

    • 日期: 2/12/06, 3/5/06,3/12/06, 3/19/06

    • 地點: 中文學校/ Westwood Baptist Church

    • 內容: 認識行為科學的管教技巧與知識.

      • 高效的管教技巧: 1-2-3 Magic (針對4 歲到12 )

      • 隔離法的正確運用(Time out method).

      • 愛與管教並重: 運用高效溝通法(active listening skill)

      • 反應式(reacting )管教 vs. 回應式(responding)管教.

      • 如何做個高EQ的父母,促進孩子快樂健康成長.

    • 講師: 楊淵理, Family Therapist with Institute for Family Development.M. Ed., University of Central Oklahoma , M. CM, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Tacoma , 成人教育學/社區服務碩士,心理輔導碩士,家庭治療師,華州政府註冊輔導員.

    • 報名方式: 请联系杜进(jeandu3607 at or 360-459-4065

    • 費用: 一人 $10,夫婦 $15, 費用全捐贈中文學校

  4. New board member election coming soon. Current board member term expires in June. If you are interested in running or want to recommend someone for board membership, please contact Sue Wang (suewang456 at or 786-9023).

  5. Katrina disaster relief through Westwood Baptist Church . You are encouraged to support Westwood Baptist Church ’s relief efforts by making donations to the Church. This is also a great way for us to express appreciation of Westwood Baptist Church ’s support of Chinese School and other OACF activities.

Olympia Chinese School Announcements

Education Center of Westwood Baptist Church

333 Kaiser Road, NW , Olympia

  1. The spring semester of Chinese School starts January 22 – Enrollment is still open. Tuition per semester is $90.00 for the first student and $80.00 for each additional student. For those who are new to the community, the Chinese school operates every Sunday afternoon from 2:00pm to 4:15pm. The school is located in Westwood Baptist Church on the corner of Mud Bay Road and Kaiser Road in West Olympia . Entrance to the Education Center is best from Mud Bay Road . If you want to know more about the school, please call Guorong Liu at 360-236-1998.

  2. Becoming members of Olympia Chinese Fellowship Association (OACF). If you would like to attend the Chinese school, you will need to join the OACF. Please either come to the Chinese School site to fill out a membership Registration, or call Meili Chan at 360-786-0134. Annual membership fee is $15.00 per individual or $25 per family. Business membership fee is $50.00.

  3. Chinese School calendar is available at OACF web site at:

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