Saturday, March 25, 2006

OACF Board Election in May

Dear all OACF community members,

The OACF board term expires in June 2006.

Please consider running for the board. The positions on the board are:
  • President -- Oversee the operation of the OACF board activity and set directions for the board
  • VP in Business -- In charge of OACF business operations including fund raising and outreach to other communities.
  • VP in Education -- In charge of running and support Chinese school operations.
  • Secretary -- Responsible for interaction with community members and communications
  • Treasurer -- Responsible for all financial matters for OACF
The most important qualification is your willingness to serve the community. You will have many opportunities to learn how to lead, to effectively communicate, to learn business fund raising strategies and methods, and other skills in many areas. Many past OACF board members can testify that they have benefited from their experience serving on the board, personally and professionally, and the experience of serving community is tremendously satisfying.

If you are interested in running or can recommend someone for board membership, please contact Sue Wang (
suewang456 at yahoo dot com or 786-9023) as soon as possible. The nomination deadline is May 21, 2006.

Thank you very much for considering this important opportunity.

-Hui Jin


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