Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Message from OACF President

Dear OACF community,

What an exciting two-years has it been! It has been a great honor and pleasure for Gary, Bing, Meili, Jean, and me to serve you, our Chinese-American community in Olympia area, as OACF board members.

We have witnessed not only a tremendous growth of our community but more importantly extraordinary enthusiasm and voluntarism from our community members. We are fortunate to be part of the community in this exciting period. We have together as one community shared many joyful moments, overcome difficulties together, and achieved many great successes.

We continued and revitalized our cultural tradition by celebrating Chinese New Years and other Asian holidays, expanding Chinese school curriculum and increasing student enrollment. Our Chinese school is now using a new and modern facility (thanks to Westwood Baptist Church of Olympia). We have made many fund raising efforts that lead to a positive change in our organization'’s financial health. We improved communications by establishing a new web site (http://oacf.blogspot.com) and an emailingg list (oacf@yahoogroups.com) in addition to using usual post mail newsletters. We have coordinated and cooperated with other communities and institutions in bringing in various cultural and educational activities into our community and enriched our life. Our community has a very strong presence with positive images in Olympia.

We are so fortunate to perform our work and duty as board members with voluntary efforts and dedications from so many of you. Many local businesses gave us tremendous financial support and donations. Without your generous help our success would be much less evident.

Looking forward, we believe our next new board will be even more successful in serving the OACF community and carry on our traditions and values. One of the most important challenges we will be facing is to raising more funds for the operation of the school and OACF activities that you will enjoy. We hope our community will continue to give our new OACF board full support as you always have. You can be assured that all of our previous OACF board members will be fully behind the new board as well.

I will wrap up this by saying on behalf of the OACF board a full heartily "“thank you"” to wonderful OACF community!

Hui Jin

President, OACF, 2004-2006


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