Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Message from OACF President

Dear OACF community,

What an exciting two-years has it been! It has been a great honor and pleasure for Gary, Bing, Meili, Jean, and me to serve you, our Chinese-American community in Olympia area, as OACF board members.

We have witnessed not only a tremendous growth of our community but more importantly extraordinary enthusiasm and voluntarism from our community members. We are fortunate to be part of the community in this exciting period. We have together as one community shared many joyful moments, overcome difficulties together, and achieved many great successes.

We continued and revitalized our cultural tradition by celebrating Chinese New Years and other Asian holidays, expanding Chinese school curriculum and increasing student enrollment. Our Chinese school is now using a new and modern facility (thanks to Westwood Baptist Church of Olympia). We have made many fund raising efforts that lead to a positive change in our organization'’s financial health. We improved communications by establishing a new web site (http://oacf.blogspot.com) and an emailingg list (oacf@yahoogroups.com) in addition to using usual post mail newsletters. We have coordinated and cooperated with other communities and institutions in bringing in various cultural and educational activities into our community and enriched our life. Our community has a very strong presence with positive images in Olympia.

We are so fortunate to perform our work and duty as board members with voluntary efforts and dedications from so many of you. Many local businesses gave us tremendous financial support and donations. Without your generous help our success would be much less evident.

Looking forward, we believe our next new board will be even more successful in serving the OACF community and carry on our traditions and values. One of the most important challenges we will be facing is to raising more funds for the operation of the school and OACF activities that you will enjoy. We hope our community will continue to give our new OACF board full support as you always have. You can be assured that all of our previous OACF board members will be fully behind the new board as well.

I will wrap up this by saying on behalf of the OACF board a full heartily "“thank you"” to wonderful OACF community!

Hui Jin

President, OACF, 2004-2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meet the Shaolin masters up close and in person!

China Shaolin Temple masters of 20 will visit Olympia this Sunday morning (May 28, 10:00-11:00 a.m. at Olympia Farmer's Market).

This is your chance to see the world famous Shaolin masters up close and in person!

The masters will stop by Olympia this Sunday prior to their official performance on Thursday, June 1st at The Washington Center for the Performing Arts (if you have not ordered the tickets, act now! Tickets are on sale. See details at http://oacf.blogspot.com) They will hold a short (~20 minutes) Chinese Shaolin martial arts demonstration at the Farmer's Market for everyone.

OACF encourages everyone to see the Shaolin masters and spread this wonderful news to your friends, co-worker, and neighbors. Please also contact The Washington Center for the Performing Arts for performance time and availability of tickets at 753-8585 or visit the web site at http://www.washingtoncenter.org.

Thank you.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


為慶祝亞太傳統月,特別邀請名聲顯赫的中國嵩山少林功夫團一行二十餘人訪問本市,並將於六月一日晚上七時分在 Washington Center for the performing Art ,隆重演出。





Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dragon Boat Challenge Cup 2006 in Olympia

For the first time ever, Dragon Boat Challenge Cup 2006 will be held at the Capital Lake in Olympia at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 6, 2006 to promote community togetherness, cross-cultural awareness, and international friendship.

Dragon boat racing dated back to the fourth century in China to commemorate a famed poet Qu Yuan who threw himself in the Milo River to protest the political turmoil and suffering of the people at that time. Nowadays, dragon boat racing is primarily for fun and festive in nature.

This will be the first annual dragon boat race at the Capitol Lake in Olympia. The event is expected to draw thousands of spectators. Saint Martin’s University is proud to be hosting the event with the cooperation of the Washington Dragon Boat Association. There will be more than 12 teams participating in the event. The teams are from China, Oregon, and many colleges and universities in the Washington State.

The event is endorsed by the following organizations:

  1. Washington China Relations Council
  2. World Trade Center, Tacoma
  3. U.S. Commercial Service, Pacific Northwest
  4. Thurston County Economic Development Council
  5. Washington State Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development
  6. Port of Olympia
  7. Port of Tacoma (pending)
  8. Sidney Rittenberg
  9. City of Olympia
  10. City of Lacey (pending)
  11. City of Tumwater
  12. Olympia Area Chinese Fellowship

We will appreciate you support to this event. Your support can be in cash donation (tax deductible), volunteering, and / or joining a rowing team.

For more information, please contact:

360-438-4485 Carleen Jackson, Director, Marketing and Enrollment Management
360-438-4598 Theo Porter, Community Liaison, Saint Martin’s University
360-438-4375 Josephine Yung, Dean, International Education

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

On-line Resource for Chinese Music Instruments

Now available to you perhaps the largest and most comprehensive reference on Chinese Music Instruments:


Mr. Hu Shizhang has compiled this wonderful reference on Chinese music instruments, covering hundreds of instruments from as early as 9,000 years ago to modern days. It illustrated vividly with artifacts, paintings, text, and other forms, that Chinese achievements in music were as at least spectacular as in any other culture and country in the world.

Read on and enjoy. Kudos to Mr. Hu for his great efforts and contributions.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

OACF Board Election in May

Dear all OACF community members,

The OACF board term expires in June 2006.

Please consider running for the board. The positions on the board are:
  • President -- Oversee the operation of the OACF board activity and set directions for the board
  • VP in Business -- In charge of OACF business operations including fund raising and outreach to other communities.
  • VP in Education -- In charge of running and support Chinese school operations.
  • Secretary -- Responsible for interaction with community members and communications
  • Treasurer -- Responsible for all financial matters for OACF
The most important qualification is your willingness to serve the community. You will have many opportunities to learn how to lead, to effectively communicate, to learn business fund raising strategies and methods, and other skills in many areas. Many past OACF board members can testify that they have benefited from their experience serving on the board, personally and professionally, and the experience of serving community is tremendously satisfying.

If you are interested in running or can recommend someone for board membership, please contact Sue Wang (
suewang456 at yahoo dot com or 786-9023) as soon as possible. The nomination deadline is May 21, 2006.

Thank you very much for considering this important opportunity.

-Hui Jin

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ballroom Dance Lesson Offering

OACF is happy to announce that Mr. Fu Xijun is offering Ballroom Dance lessons to OACF community members.

Mr. Fu was born in Qingdao, China and began his dance training at the distinguished Beijing Dance Academy at age 12. He then joined the Central Ballet of China at age 18 and became principal dancer at age 19. Mr. Fu won third price in the Male Solo Division in the first National Ballet Competition of China and was invited to appear in the PBS special, “Dance for Two Countries”. Mr. Fu left China in 1985 to become a guest artist in a cultural Exchange program with Ballet De Santiago, Chile. In 1988 Fu was asked to join the Cincinnati Ballet. He and his wife Fang Li left China to establish residence in Ohio. In 1994, Mr. Fu became artistic director of Lexington Ballet and later, he Co-founded Kentucky Ballet Theatre where he served as an artistic director for six years. In 1996, Mr. Fu and his wife started a new adventure producing and distributing their own ballet product line-Fuzi International.

The schedule for the Ballroom dance class:

Every Saturday at 2.30 p.m., one hour class. There is a total of six lessons from March 11th (Saturday) to April 15th (Saturday) at Johansen's ballet school in downtown Olympia.

The fee for the class is $85 per couple for all six lessons.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Fu at 786-0225.

Thank you.

Chinese calligraphy class offering

OACF is glad to offer a Chinese calligraphy class at Chinese School starting from March 5th (the trial class start at Feb 26th) from 2pm to 4pm. The class will be taught by Dr. Minghui Yang, a long time OACF member since 1988.

Dr. Yang likes calligraphy and received calligraphy training from his childhood (started at age of 10) in China for over 5 years. During Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1976), regardless no schools for over 10 years, he improved his calligraphy by writing and copying Da Zi Bao. Dr. Yang learned calligraphy from learning Ou Yang Xun's style. Later, he learned Liu Gong Quan's style. In the next few months, the class will offer following subjects:

1. The calligraphy history
2. The basic calligraphy styles
3. The tools and equipment of calligraphy and how to use them and how to take care of them
4. The basic structures of "Kai Shu" style
5. Practicing "Kai Shu" style at each class.

The fee is $90 per student for the whole term. Homework is daily practice. After class, student will show their first class calligraphy compared with the last class. Please join us to learn more Chinese culture.

If you have any questions about this class, please contact Ms. Gongrong Liu at 236-1998.